Alejandro Tlaie Boria

Welcome to my online portfolio. Explore my recent projects and discover my passion for developing innovative algorithms that can solve complex problems.

Although I am now a computational neuroscientist, I have also worked in Fundamental Physics, Applied Math and Information Theory (check out my projects to know more!). My research interests include time series forecasting, brain-computer interfaces, and bio-inspired deep learning.

To download a shortened version of my CV, please click here.

My mission

I'm on a mission to change the way conventional science is done. I believe in a collaborative, interdisciplinary and open science that allows for a greater participation of the general public. My goal is to make science as engaging as possible, while also preserving rigor.

My vision

I want to live in a world where science and technological advances inform public decisions. To that end, I'm interested in tackling relevant (and challenging) issues that might benefit from an AI-based implementation.